Where to Travel with Family in December: Top Destinations to Experience Winter Magic

As a parent, planning a family vacation can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Finding a destination that suits your kids’ interests, matches your budget, and provides a relaxing getaway for everyone is tough. We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering where to travel with young kids!

One of the best destinations for families with children is Orlando, Florida. The city boasts world-class theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, which offer an unforgettable experience for kids and grown-ups alike. You can easily spend a week or more in Orlando and never run out of things to do. Apart from theme parks, there are plenty of family-friendly resorts, restaurants, and entertainment options to keep you occupied.

Another fantastic destination for families with young kids is San Diego, California. The city’s mild weather, stunning beaches, and kid-friendly attractions make it a perfect vacation spot. For example, you can visit the famous San Diego Zoo, the Legoland California theme park, or take your children to the historic USS Midway Museum. San Diego also offers plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and whale watching, that you can enjoy as a family.

Where To Travel With Family In December

Traveling with young kids can be challenging, but it can also be a great way to make memories as a family. However, with so many options, it can be hard to decide where to go. So here are some top family-friendly travel destinations for young kids.

1. Disney World

Disney World is a top destination for families with young kids. The theme park offers a variety of attractions that cater specifically to young children, including character meet and greets, parades, and shows. In addition, many amenities are available, such as strollers, high chairs, and changing tables.

2. National Parks

Visiting a national park can be a great way to expose young kids to nature. Several national parks, such as Yellowstone and Yosemite, are great for families with young children. In addition, many national parks offer programs and activities for kids, such as ranger-led walks and nature scavenger hunts.

3. Beach Resorts

Beach resorts are another great option for families with young kids. The beach provides plenty of opportunities for kids to play and explore, and many resorts offer kid-friendly amenities such as pools, playgrounds, and organized activities.

4. All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts are a great option for families with young kids because they offer everything you need in one place. Many all-inclusive resorts have kid-friendly amenities like water parks, clubs, and organized activities. In addition, everything is included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about paying for meals or activities separately.

5. European Cities

European cities are a great option to expose your young kids to new cultures and experiences. Many European cities are very walkable and stroller-friendly, and plenty of sights and attractions are great for young kids, such as zoos and museums. Plus, many European cities have kid-friendly restaurants and cafes.

When deciding where to travel with young kids, it’s important to consider your family’s interests and needs. Whether you choose a theme park, a national park, a beach resort, an all-inclusive resort, or a European city, plan and pack accordingly to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable trip for the whole family.

Planning Tips for Stress-Free Family Vacations

Traveling with young children can be daunting, but with proper planning and execution, it can also be an exciting and unforgettable experience for the whole family. Here are some planning tips to help make your family vacation stress-free and enjoyable:

1. Choose the Right Destination: When planning a trip with young kids, choosing a destination that caters to their needs is important. Look for places with child-friendly attractions, playgrounds, and accommodations, such as spacious rooms or apartments with kitchens.

2. Pack Smart: Packing can make or break your vacation. Be sure to bring everything your child needs, such as diapers, wipes, snacks, and extra clothes. Make a checklist and cross off the items as you pack them.

3. Book Ahead: Booking ahead can help alleviate the stress of finding a place to stay or activities to do with your children. Make reservations for accommodations, restaurants, and attractions beforehand to save time and ensure availability.

4. Invest in Quality Luggage: Quality luggage can save you from the hassle and headache of broken handles, wheels, and zippers. Be sure to choose durable, lightweight, and easy maneuverable luggage.

5. Bring Entertainment: Kids can get bored easily, especially during long flights or car rides. So bring entertainment such as books, toys, tablets, and headphones to keep them occupied and engaged throughout the trip.

6. Allow for Flexibility: Traveling with young children can be unpredictable. Allow for flexibility in your itinerary and don’t overpack your schedule. Be prepared to change plans or take a break when needed.

Following these planning tips can help ensure a stress-free and enjoyable family vacation. With the right destination, packing, booking, luggage, entertainment, and flexibility, you can create unforgettable memories with your young kids wherever you travel.

Fun Activities to Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling

Traveling with young kids can be a challenging experience, especially when you want to keep them entertained throughout the journey. However, with proper planning and creative ideas, it’s possible to keep them engaged and happy during the trip. Here are some fun activities to consider while traveling with young kids:

1. Bring Activity Books

Activity books are a perfect way to keep kids entertained during long trips. These books contain interactive games, puzzles, coloring pages, and other engaging activities that will keep your child busy for hours. You can choose activity books that match your child’s interests, such as drawing, coloring, or math puzzles.

2. Play Travel Games

Travel games are an excellent way to keep kids engaged and entertained while on the move. Some popular travel games include I Spy, 20 Questions, and the License Plate Game. These games are easy to play and don’t require any special equipment, making them perfect for long car journeys.

3. Interactive Apps

Interactive apps offer an excellent way to keep kids entertained, especially during long plane or train rides. Many educational and entertaining apps can keep kids engaged and teach them new skills. You can download interactive books, puzzles, or learning games that cater to your child’s age and interests.

4. Let Kids Plan the Trip

Involve your kids in the trip planning process and let them choose the destinations and activities they want to experience. This way, they will feel more invested in the journey, keeping them excited throughout the trip.

5. Audio Books

Audio books offer a unique way to keep kids entertained while on the move. Many excellent audio books cater to children of all ages and feature engaging stories that can keep them entertained for hours.

In conclusion, the right approach can keep kids entertained while traveling. Bring activity books, play travel games, use interactive apps, let kids plan the trip, and consider audio books. These ideas make your trip with young kids more enjoyable and memorable.


So, where to travel with young kids? The answer is quite simple: anywhere! With some planning, traveling with kids can be a fun and rewarding experience. From beach vacations to city breaks, plenty of destinations offer something for everyone. 

However, before you book your next trip, consider your family’s needs and interests. Do you prefer outdoor adventures or cultural experiences? Are you looking for a family-friendly resort or a budget-friendly destination? Remember that not all destinations are created equal when accommodating young travelers.

To maximize your family’s enjoyment, look for destinations with plenty of kid-friendly attractions, activities, and amenities. Also, consider the time of year and weather conditions, as certain destinations may be better suited for different seasons.

Traveling with young kids can be a wonderful opportunity to bond as a family and introduce them to new experiences and cultures. Wherever you decide to go, remember to pack plenty of patience and a sense of adventure – and you’re sure to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!